Conditions for Service

GIM Consulting provides General Directional Guidance for interpreting and evaluating the future acceptance of a design or retrofit by Ship Classification Rules, Maritime Regulations and Flag Authorities, or, the conformity with industrial international standards and codes recognized worldwide when published and made available to the public when previously agreed with The Client.

GIM Consulting services will be subject to the latest versions of these Rules, Regulations and Standards unless specified and agreed otherwise.

In principle, GIM Consulting will use the definitions and wording adopted by the entity having released the Rule, Regulation, or Standard. Whereas, the performance and the results of the service may vary in those cases when a Marine Classification Society reserves the right to interpret their own rules.

GIM Consulting shall remain at all times an independent contractor and none of its officers, employees, servants, agents or subcontractors shall be, or act as an employee, servant or agent of any other party.

When documents of any kind are submitted to GIM Consulting whatever the reason may be, the scope of work of GIM Consulting will be limited to reviewing the engineering proposed by others. In this regard, the opinion of GIM Consulting shall not presume on the final issuance of any approval or certificate.

The Client shall give to GIM Consulting the information necessary for the efficient performance of the requested services, being The Client the sole responsible for providing the necessary information, drawings, or any other means of communication when required by GIM Consulting and made available in due time for the good performance of the Services.

Payment of Invoices


The Client: The person or company that receives a service from GIM Consulting in return for the payment.

Payment Conditions:

Fees for the services should be paid by The Client within 30 days of the invoice date. In case of an extension of time will be needed, The Client should inform this by email to GIM Consulting justifying and giving the reasons. GIM Consulting reserves the right to review and accept the postponement on a case by case basis. 

In case The Client disputes an invoice, partially or totally, The Client shall notify GIM Consulting by returning the acceptance of the Conclusive Report expressing the reason duly signed.

GIM Consulting reserves the right to charge for any additional work that is not in the original scope of work.


The Client accepts to pay the fees according to the aforementioned agreed conditions.